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300g Organic New Zealand Green BarleyOf all living things, plants have the best ability to absorb the sun's power, preserving it in a form that fuels all animal life, including our own. Nowhere is this power better realized than in the young Barley leaves, the source of our Green Barley Powder. Our Green barley may be the answer to our nutritional deficiencies with its powerful concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes  and chlorophyll. We cannot afford to let our health and wellbeing go because we no longer have time to eat half a plate of vegetables every night. Our Green Barley takes less than a minute, morning, lunchtime and night to prepare and drink and is going to be better for you.

Don't be lead into believing the more you pay for Green Barley the better it is for you. My testimonials will tell you different. I am making this great product (Green Barley) available at an affordable price.  

"Our New Zealand Green Barley is top quality and at the best price."

Big News: We will be launching a line of Green Barley Capsules soon. Please let us know your interest in these and you will receive an email when they are available. Click Here

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New Zealand

► Testimonial:     Here's a warm thank-you from your Canadian customer :) I have received and used the green barley I've been waiting for and let me tell you: it is AMAZING! I am feeling and sleeping perfectly now. I'm definitely hooked on your product for life! Thanks! Ania.

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Why you should buy Green Barley from us!  

    • Ordering Green Barley available over the phone. (E-mail us your phone number and we will call you to take your order.)
    • Free worldwide delivery of Green barley for any order of any size.  
    • Organic Green Barley, you get what you order.          
    • Our Green Barley prices are substantially cheaper than most of our competitors.                  
    • Dispatch of Green Barley is made within 24 hours of the funds being received and done using our free delivery system.     
    • Any inquires about Green Barley are answered promptly and to the best of our ability.
    • Quality control is a top priority and if you receive Green Barley that is substandard return it and we will refund the full purchase price.                 
    • Secure online ordering, 128bit encryption, a very secure system used by banks all over the world. Pay by credit card, electronic transfer or cheque.
    • All information sent to us is kept confidential and will not under any circumstances be given to a third party.

Our organic green barley powder is made by cutting and grinding young leaf into powder, Air-drying on a continuous belt dryer, the air is heated by hot water radiators. i.e. Wet product in one end, dry product out the other, then milling occurs. Shell life for each bottle is around 3 years.

Recommended directions for intake.

Adults begin with 1 heaped teaspoon of Green Barley mixed with either half a glass of water or fruit juice, morning and night preferably after your last intake of food or drink, other than water, for the next two hours or more. After one week you can increase dosage of Green Barley depending on the effects felt. Some may require more and some less. Children require about half of  an adult dosage.

Customer Comment:  

Got my order of 11 bottles of Green arley on Monday. Super fast I must say. Been taking your product for about 3 months now. I am over 50 yrs old and the amount of energy that I now is beyond belief. More important than energy is that I now have NO PAIN!!!! Everyone who has tried this product has wanted it. Can't say enough about it, The product is truly wonderful. Thank You, Walter

Thank you very much, I look forward to receiving it! It was recommended to me be a friend in South Africa who is convinced that she managed to stop a really nasty cancer thanks to Green Barley. She said the best and purest comes from New Zealand. Best regards, Sabine

Hi there, I have been using Aim Barley Green, impressed with your product, great price. It arrived with out any hassles I definitely am switching to your product. Thanks, Heather Perth WA.

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Return Policy:  In case of goods arriving damaged, a full refund of the purchase price will be credited (proof of damage required). Alternatively free replacement of goods can be arranged. If you, as the customer, for any reason are not completely satisfied with our products, send the goods back to us for a full refund of the purchase price excluding any transport, duty or any other cost.